Feeding your active, or working, dog

Energy for extra activity

Why you should use high energy foods?

Very active dogs like sporting, working and hunting dogs may in periods require up to four times as much energy as other dogs. Your active dog could be invaluable to your farm, herding animals daily, a police or fire dog training for search and rescue, or simply a companion who jogs with you every evening.

Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for your dog. But it’s equally important to be sure you’re meeting your dog’s nutritional needs and helping them maintain a healthy weight.

The right nutrition for high energy and working dogs

SPECIFICTM high energy foods have a high fat content. Fat is the active dog’s primary source of energy. This is combined with highly digestible ingredients to provide the right nutrition for highly active dogs and to promote weight gain during convalescence.

Your dog food must:

  • Provide your dog with enough energy to live their everyday life
  • Ensure that your dog’s food can help maintain lean muscle and aid in muscle recovery after intense athletic activity
  • Active dogs need extra joint support and mobility to help keep your pet dog comfortable on the move
  • Taste good and be easy to digest
  • Contain increased amounts of vitamins and minerals


Putting weight on your dog

Although obesity is far too common in dogs today; there are also dogs with the opposite problem. Talk to your vet before you make any changes regarding your dog’s weight. They may need to perform a complete physical exam as there are diseases or health issues that can affect weight loss as well as appetite. You’ll want to eliminate these prior to beginning a weight gain program.

SPECIFIC™ offers two variants of dog food that support the lifestyle of very active dogs. Both are balanced, tasty and easily digestible. But importantly, they meet the special demands for nutrients and extra energy:

ACTIVE - a dry food
LUNCH  - a wet food; can be used as alternative or supplement

Recommended foods for active dogs or weight gain

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