The power of marine omega-3 for cat health 

SPECIFIC is the range of veterinary pet nutrition made with high levels of fish and other marine ingredients to provide nutritional support for the management of many health conditions as well as helping keep dogs and cats healthy.  SPECIFIC diets are made by Dechra Veterinary products – the specialist veterinary healthcare business.  


Good nutrition is more than just cooking, it is about providing the right nutrients for each specific situation.

Different life stages and states of health each bring their own unique nutritional needs – and meeting those needs is what good nutrition means.

As animal healthcare specialists we understand how to make foods with the right nutrient profile – whether that’s life stage foods for healthy dogs and cats of different ages or foods designed to provide nutritional support during periods of ill health.

As a pharmaceutical business we approach everything we do with care and attention to detail and our SPECIFIC foods are no exception.  All products are rigorously tested before launch and are manufactured with great precision using fixed formula manufacturing, to make sure they contain exactly the right levels of nutrients time after time.

SPECIFIC foods are dedicated to vets, because we believe your vet is best placed to support you with the nutritional advice that will give the best results for your pet.

Most of our SPECIFIC diets are rich in marine sourced omega-3 fatty acids, from sustainable sources. We believe omega-3 is one of the most important and valuable nutrients.  Omega-3 supports healthy coat and skin; helps to maintain supple joints; supports brain and eye development; boosts the immune system and promotes good cardiac health. Every day research is discovering new ways in which omega-3 can help - such as recent studies showing that it may have a role to play in the management of urinary crystals.

Key Ingredients

SPECIFIC is committed to a philosophy that we call the Circle of Good.

We believe it is our responsibility to support the environment that produces the extraordinary ingredients that create our nutritious and healthy foods.

We aim for sustainable manufacturing and distribution

  • All of the fish in our dry cat products now comes from sources accredited as sustainable and our dog products will move to 100% accredited sources in 2019.
  • We are working with new and exciting ingredients, such as algae,  that allow us to provide high levels of omega-3 in our foods with no impact on the marine environment.
  • We have started using Atlantic sardine caught using the lower impact ring netting system.
  • Improvements to our distribution efficiencies meant that in 2017 we reduced, by 27%, the Co2 emissions per kg of goods shipped.
  • Changes made to our cat packaging in 2018 reduced plastic use by 3,000 Kgs.  In 2019, we will be making the same changes to our dog food saving a further 18,000 Kgs of plastic.

We support a number of sustainability initiatives

  • In 2017 SPECIFIC became an official supporter of The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup designs and develops advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. Their purpose is to drive the largest clean-up in history through the large-scale, efficient and environmentally-sound removal of plastic pollution from aquatic ecosystems. In 2018 then deployed their first operational system in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with the aim of reducing the size of the patch by 50% in only 5 years.
  • SPECIFIC is also working on a number of projects with The Marine Conservation Society including one looking at levels of marine contamination.