SPECIFIC diets are rich in marine sourced omega-3 fatty acids, from sustainable sources.

We believe omega-3 is one of the most important and valuable nutrients. Omega-3 supports healthy coat and skin; helps to maintain supple joints; supports brain and eye development; boosts the immune system and promotes good cardiac health. 

SPECIFIC diets are made by Dechra - a veterinary healthcare business.

As animal healthcare specialists we understand how to make foods with the right nutrient profile – whether that’s life stage foods for healthy dogs and cats of different ages or foods designed to provide nutritional support during periods of ill health.

As a pharmaceutical business we approach everything we do with care and attention to detail and our SPECIFIC foods are no exception.  All products are rigorously tested before launch and are manufactured with great precision using fixed formula manufacturing, to make sure they contain exactly the right levels of nutrients time after time.

SPECIFIC is committed to a sustainability philosophy that we call the Circle of Good.

  • Packaging changes made in 2018 and 2020 reduced plastic usage by 18 tons a year
  • In 2020 we launched our organic dry diets in recyclable bags – one of the first dry pet foods in recyclable packaging.  We are committed to having all of our foods in recyclable packaging by 2023
  • Our fish are caught with the more sustainable midwater trawl and ring netting fishing systems
  • All of the fish in our dry diets now come from sources accredited as sustainable