SPECIFIC™ is the brand of cat and dog nutrition from Dechra Veterinary Products.

Dechra is an international specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals business with expertise in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide.

The history of Dechra dates back to 1819, when the company was established as Arnolds & Son.  Originally manufacturing prosthetic limbs, the company turned its attention to veterinary medicine during the Crimean War of 1854.

Today Dechra is responsible for a number of important brands within the veterinary world, for cats and dogs.  This includes the only globally licensed treatment for canine hyperadrenocorticism, within a strong range of endocrinology products; a dermatology range, including leading products for topical treatments; and products within cardiology and analgesics.

Our years of experience in animal healthcare allows us to design foods with the nutrient profiles to provide the optimum nutrition for the maintenance and restoration of good health in cats and dogs.

Food is more than just calorific fuel but is a complex combination of nutrients including carbohydrates: proteins; fats; vitamins; minerals and water. These all work together doing different jobs but in a complex interaction.

Good nutrition is that which delivers the right mix of nutrients for each and every stage resulting in good health, vitality and energy.

Nutrient needs are not fixed throughout life. 

Different ages, different animal size and different states of health give rise to differing nutrient needs.  That is why we have a range of products for both everyday needs and special care delivering exactly the  nutrient profile needed for that specific situation.

Our products are designed and tested with expertise and scientific rigour. 

Products designed with this level of attention to detail need to be manufactured with the same care. That is why our products are made to fixed recipes and with proper testing of all raw materials and finished product to make sure they meet our high standards time after time.