Introducing recyclable bags from SPECIFIC

We are delighted to be able to say that our new range of dry organic diets are in recyclable packaging.
This is merely the start and we are committed to having all of our products in recyclable packaging by 2023

Why is most dry pet food packaging not recyclable?

Most dry pet food bags are made from two or three layers of different types of plastic.  Because they are a mix of different types of plastic, they are generally unsuitable for recycling.  Sometimes they will be used for energy recovery – burned to produce electricity – but often they end up in landfill or worse still, in the oceans

What does pet food packaging have to do?

Dry pet food packaging has to do a number of things

Protect the food – the packaging needs to have a good barrier to protect the contents from oxygen and moisture.  This is important to both extending the shelf life and reducing food waste and to preserving product quality by  keeping the taste fresh and the nutrients intact

Run through filling lines - The bags have to be heat sealable, with a seal strong enough to hold and to work every time and flexible enough to go through automated filling lines

Handling through the supply chain - The bags have to be strong enough to be transported without cracking or splitting

Until now non-recyclable, multiple layer, laminated packaging has been the only way to do this

What Is Different About Our New Recyclable Packaging?

Our recyclable packaging does all that normal pet food packaging does but is made from a single type of plastic so it is much more widely recyclable. 

The innovation, that allows all of barrier and handling properties  but from bags from a single type of plastic, is to have layers of the same type of plastic but with a gas barrier between the layers.

Not every recycling collection scheme accepts this type of plastic but many do and the numbers that do are growing.

Once collected, our packaging will be processed into granules and then made into a film.  From this film, the recyclate can be used to produce many things including pet food bags

Independently Certified

Certified as Made for Recycling with a score of 19/20 - Very Good by Interseroh, global recycling specialists.

  • Assignability to the collection system - 2 out of 2
  • Sortability of the packaging - 6 out of 6
  • Suitability for mechanic recycling and the provision of secondary products - 11 out of 12

Our Circle of Good Commitment

SPECIFIC is committed to a philosophy that we call the Circle of Good

We believe it is our responsibility to support the environment that produces the extraordinary ingredients that create our nutritious and healthy foods


  • Sustainability of our packaging 
  • Sustainability of our recipes and ingredients 
  • Sustainability of our warehousing and distribution 
  • Sustainability of our manufacturers

Achieving sustainability is a journey a series of improvements in all areas of business and this introduction and roll out of recyclable packaging is an important step in that journey