Rewarding your dog with treats

Healthy Treating

Positive reinforcement might not always mean food treats, but they are one of the most popular tools for both dogs and owners. One of the reasons treats work so well in training, is because of a dog’s superb sense of smell. Dogs can smell a treat from 20 paces away and can get a pretty good idea of the main ingredients. So, when choosing a dog treat, make sure it’s something your dog will like. 

The other thing to consider is how many treats your dog is getting. You may not actually realise just how many treats your dog gets daily – but if you count them they can add up.

The general rule is that treats and snacks should only make up 10% of a dog’s daily calories. To get an idea of how many treats that is, you can ask your vet. They can make a recommendation based on the treats your dog likes, his weight, and how active he is.

Some of the best treats for dogs, are actually healthy. SPECIFICTM have healthy treats for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Our treats are low in fat and high in fibre they provide a guilt free way to reward your dog and complement a balanced and healthy diet.

Be careful of using human food as treats.

The main problem with human food as treats is its difficult to judge how much is too much.  What might seem like a small treat to you could be a huge proportion of the dogs daily calorie needs, a few small bits of cheese for a dog could be the equivalent of a whole hamburger for a human – they are a lot smaller than us.  It’s safer to use treats specifically designed for dogs.

This is how many Healthy Treats you can give your dog compared to fridge snacks:


SPECIFICTM Healthy Treats

SPECIFICTM Healthy Treats Mini

A slice of cheese (15 g)



A spoonful of pâté (15 g)



A slice of bread (30 g)



A meat ball (50 g)



Half a sausage (25 g)



based on approximate energy content



Hypoallergenic treats

All dogs deserve a treat every now and then. But if your dog suffers from food allergy or food intolerance, you are probably worried that a treat will trigger the allergy.
SPECIFICTM also has a range of Hypoallergenic Treats for allergic dogs of any age.

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