Veterinary treats from SPECIFIC

At SPECIFIC we believe that all dogs deserve treats.

But what do you do if your dog is overweight or has a medical condition such as pancreatitis or kidney disease or other diseases  that make it difficult to find treats for them?

SPECIFIC has a range of treats to suit dogs with different needs, whether that’s low-calorie daily treats for healthy adult dogs or treats for dogs with special dietary needs due to medical conditions or dental chews to help keep teeth clean and even treats for cats.

SPECIFIC nutrition is designed by healthcare professionals and sold through vets to provide appropriate nutritional support for the management of many health conditions as well as healthy everyday diets.

SPECIFIC daily treats

Low in fat and high fibre you can give these treats every day without risking weight gain. 

They also contain ingredients to limit growth of oral bacteria, plaque and tartar helping with dental health and fresh breath by binding calcium in saliva, preventing calcification of plaque and with green tea extract, eucalyptus oil, parsley powder support fresh breath

SPECIFIC special care support treats

If your dog is suffering from a medical condition, especially conditions needing a special diet, then many treats will not be suitable, as they may upset the carefully balanced nutrition needed.

SPECIFICS’ range of special care support treats are designed to work alongside special care diets allowing you to give your dog treats without compromising their nutrition.

SPECIFIC Hypoallergenic treats - CT-HY

Made with highly digestible and hypoallergenic ingredients, hydrolysed salmon and rice, and a very limited number of ingredients, these treats are ideal for dogs with

  • Food allergy, atopy or combined allergy
  • Colitis
  • IBD
  • Digestive disorders
  • Dogs with gluten allergy/intolerance​

SPECIFIC Special Care Treats - CT-SC

These treats are made with hydrolysed blue whiting, krill, algae and sorghum – a naturally gluten-free, slow release carbohydrate.  Slowly baked for high palatability these treats are low in protein, energy, fat and selected minerals making them safe for dogs with a range of clinical conditions

SPECFIC CT-SC Special care treats are:

  • Made with low allergenicity ingredients which makes them suitable for dogs with allergy and dermatological issues
  • Are low in energy and fat which makes them suitable for dogs with joint and mobility issues
  • Are low fat which makes them suitable for dogs with pancreatitis
  • Have low protein, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and sodium levels which makes them suitable for dogs with kidney disease; heart disease and bladder stones

SPECIFIC Organic treats - CT-BIO

Delicious treats for dogs made with a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients and more than 80% fresh poultry pork and beef.

A low carbohydrate content makes these treats suitable for dogs with diabetes mellitus.

For a full list of which treats are suitable for which condition click here

 Recommended treats by condition


CT-SC Dental chews - CT-DC

Periodontal disease is a significant problem with most dogs reported to be affected with some degree of PD by two years of age.

It’s not just the teeth that are at risk. Periodontal disease can also affect liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and lungs.

Brushing is definitely the best way to clean teeth clean but dental health chews, can help.

SPECIFIC dental chews have a special flexible texture and open structure that allows teeth to penetrate deep into the chew, scraping the teeth clean, along with a long chewing time this ensures excellent cleaning.

They also contain ingredients to help reduce plaque and tartar and support fresh breath:

  • Hexametaphosphate helps prevent tartar by binding calcium in saliva, preventing calcification of plaque
  • Vitamin C phosphate limits growth of oral bacteria, plaque and tartar
  • Seaweed: reduces plaque, tartar and the volatile sulphur components that cause bad breath
  • Green tea extract and eucalyptus oil support fresh breath

These dental chews are not recommended for dogs with hyperthyroidism due to the naturally high iodine content in seaweed.

Weight management and treats

To make sure your dog doesn’t gain weight you can reduce their daily food amount to compensate for the treats given.  It is also recommended that no more than 10% of a dog’s food intake should come from treats. 

To find out how to adjust feeding amounts and the recommended number of treats per day click here

Treats feeding adjustment

Recyclable packaging

All our treats come in recyclable packaging.  Part of our commitment 2023 to have all SPECIFIC products in recyclable packaging by 2023