Every day food for your healthy adult dog

Well balanced diets designed by veterinary experts and made with high levesl of fish to keep dogs active and healthy.

Fish is an ideal source of protein, highly digestible; low in saturated fats and is well balanced, meaning it has the right mix of amino acids for the body’s needs. 

Fish is also a rich source of EPA and DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids that support coat and skin condition and keep joints supple.

Moderate energy levels in these diets help maintain ideal body weight and added beet pulp supports good digestive health

Your dog can be start to enjoy SPECIFIC adult diets once they reach 80% of their full size. Simply choose the variety that fits your dog’s breed size.

As your dog gets older you chould consider a diet for senior dogs.

If your dog has, health problems you can find further help and support on the 'Health Conditions' section of this site.

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