What should you feed your pregnant or nursing bitch ?


During the last trimester of pregnancy and lactation the bitch has hugely increased energy needs – needing up to three times her normal amount of energy.  She also needs extra nutrients to nourish her fast growing puppies.

The food you need to give her must have the high energy content and balanced nutrients to ensure she gets enough nourishment for both the puppies and herself.

Our Puppy food covers all the nutritional needs for your pregnant bitch, puppy growth and milk production.

Pregnant and lactating bitches from small breeds (under 10kg) should be fed SPECIFICTM Puppy Small Breed CPD-S.

Pregnant and lactating bitches over 10kg including large and giant breed bitches should be fed SPECIFICTM Puppy Medium breed CPD-M.

Pregnant and lactating bitches should not be fed foods designed for Large and Giant breed puppies because of the lower energy and calcium content of these foods.

Recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs

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