If you have a very active dog or a working dog you will understand their needs are quite different to other dogs.

SPECIFIC™ Active Wet Dog food is good snack or meal for very active dogs such as sporting, working and hunting dogs. Packed with high quality ingredients, it will help keep your dog healthy and full of life. This nutritious wet food has a high energy and fat content and is designed to provide all the calories needed to keep up the energy levels of even the most highly active dogs.

Wet food pâté for very active dogs and dogs in recovery .

Why choose Lunch?

  • High energy and fat content to give your active dog the extra energy they need.

  • Ingredients are highly digestible to ensure nutrients are absorbed.
  • With added Vitamin C – to help with the growth and repair of muscle damaged during training.
  • It is rich in Omega-3 from fish for healthy coat skin and joint.
  • Immune support – added beta glucans from yeast to support the immune system.


Product code:

Package sizes:
7 x 100 g

Nutrient Contents per 100 g Contents per MJ
Metabolisable Energy kJ 628 -
Metabolisable Energy kcal 150 -
Protein g (crude) 13 20.7
Fat g (crude) 8.2 13.1
Carbohydrate g (NFE) 8.2 13.0
Fibre g (crude) 1.1 1.8
Calcium g 0.38 0.60
Phosphorus g 0.34 0.54
Sodium g 0.13 0.21
Omega-3 fatty acids g 0.31 0.49
Ratio n-3:n-6 1:7 1:7
Water g 67.0 -


Pork, maize, egg powder, sunflower oil, rice, minerals, cellulose powder, fish oil, vitamins and trace elements (including chelated trace elements), psyllium husk, yeast (source of β-1,3/1,6-glucans).
Contains no added artificial colours or flavourings.