Why neutered cats need a special diet

Between 6 and 10 months of age, kittens reach maturity and become sexually active. This is when many owners choose to have their kittens neutered.

However neutering causes changes that effect how the kitten should be fed.

A neutered kitten is still a growing kitten so needs plenty of nutrients BUT neutering reduces the metabolic rate by up to 30% so they need fewer calories. 

Neutering can also slightly increase the risk of bladder stones forming.

Foods designed for neutered kittens need to:

  1. Have sufficient nutrients to meet the needs of growing kittens
  2. Have a reduced calorie content, to help maintain a healthy body weight
  3. Have controlled minerals to maintain a healthy urinary tract and help prevent stones forming

When your neutered kitten is fully grown

Depending on the breed, your cat will become adult at between 8 and 12 months of age. From that age on, it can be given the SPECIFIC™ Adult or Organic cat food.

Recommended food for neutered cats

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