Everyday food for healthy adult cats


SPECIFIC™ foods for healthy adult cats

SPECIFIC™ adult foods are complete and well balanced foods for adult cats made with high levels of fish oils, moderate energy levels, to maintain ideal bodyweight and ingredients to support a healthy urinary tract and control hairballs – an ideal food for a healthy active life

Calories count

Cats that are neutered or live an indoor life use less energy, increasing the risk of weight gain. SPECIFIC™ adult cat foods have moderate energy levels to help maintain ideal bodyweight

Healthy Urinary tract

Cats are prone to bladder stones.  SPECIFIC™ adult cat foods  have a low magnesium and phosphorous content and can encourage alkaline urine helping prevent the formation of stones

Hairball control

Increased levels of fibre in SPECIFIC™ adult foods help prevent hairball problems.

Odour Control

These days many cats live indoors using litter trays, so the smell from the cats stools matters (the nicest way we could think of putting that).  Our dry foods contain added yucca to help reduce stool odour.

SPECIFIC™ Adult is available both as a dry food and as a wet food pâté.

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