Every day food for your healthy adult dog

Once your dog has reached 80% of their full size they can be switched from SPECIFIC™ Puppy to SPECIFIC™ Adult food. Simply choose the variety that fits your dog’s breed size.

SPECIFICTM adult foods are complete and well balanced foods for healthy adult dogs made with high levels of fish oils, moderate energy levels, to maintain ideal bodyweight and ingredients to support healthy digestion and immune system – an ideal food for a healthy active life.

ADULT SMALL BREED, CXD-S – for breeds under 10 kg
ADULT MEDIUM BREED, CXD-M – for breeds between 10kg – 25 kg
ADULT LARGE AND GIANT BREEDS, CXD-XL – for breeds over 25 kg
ADULT ALL BREEDS, CXW -  a wet food for all breed sizes

As your dog gets older you should consider a diet for senior dogs.

If your dog has health problems you can find further help and support on the 'Health Conditions' section of this site.

Launched in 2015 the Circle of Good was a commitment to pursue sustainable manufacturing and sourcing and to use a share of profits supporting marine sustainability initiatives."

Dominic Ebery
SPECIFICTM Nutrition Team, Dechra

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