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Why choose SPECIFIC foods for your dog

Good nutrition is so much more than simple cooking, it is about providing the right nutrients in the right proportions.

Different life stages, different activity levels and different states of health all bring their own different nutrient needs – and meeting those nutrient needs is a key factor for good health.

As animal healthcare specialists we understand how to design and produce foods with the exact nutrient profile for a whole range of needs – whether that’s life stage foods for healthy dogs of different ages or foods designed to provide them the best nutritional support during periods of ill health.

Our foods are rich in superior quality, marine sourced, Omega-3. Specifically, the EPA and DHA Omega-3 from fish that  supports coat, skin and joint health as well as strengthening your dog’s immune system.

Our products use high quality, easily digestible ingredients and are made using fixed formula manufacturing to ensure they contain the right nutrient profile time after time.
SPECIFIC is dedicated to the veterinary profession because we believe your local vet is best placed to give you the best advice for the care of your dog.

Our Circle of Good commitment to sustainability - Our philosophy is to support the environment that produces our extraordinary ingredients. Our fish comes from certified sustainable sources. We ensure that much of our packaging is FSC certified and that our warehouse uses solar panels to save 25 tonnes of CO2 per year and we donate up to 5% of our profits to sustainability initiatives.

SPECIFIC food for dogs