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Are you trying to decide which dog food is best for your needs?

No doubt there are many questions you will need answering. Such as, which dog food is best for your breed of dog? What nutrients are essential for your dog? Or how do their food needs change throughout their life? We hope this website will answer your questions to help you to make an informed choice.

Just like humans, pets “are what they eat”. So, if you want a happy healthy pet it’s important that you provide them with the right nutrients to feed their different body functions to make sure that they stay healthy and happy.

As a specialist veterinary pharmaceutical company, Dechra understand dogs. We know, more than most, what can affect their health and wellbeing. We are aware of the common problems they encounter. This means we know the foods they like – and we understand the foods they need.

That’s why we designed SPECIFICTM.

The SPECIFICTM range is recommended by vets because it contains the very highest quality ingredients to keep dogs healthy. Ingredients such as fish oil - a highly digestible, high quality protein that gives a healthy coat and skin, good joint mobility and digestive health. But, more than that, each food offers the right combination of ingredients in the proper ratios. This ensures that you have the most nutritious diet possible for your dog.

SPECIFICTM create foods with exactly the right nutrient properties to:

  • Give your dog the right nutrients everyday to keep them healthy throughout their life.
  • From allergies to diabetes, we provide food for very SPECIFICTM  health needs.

SPECIFICTM provides the ideal nutrition to keep your pets healthy and active throughout their life. Because a healthy pet is a happy pet.